[beaglebone] Beaglebone Wifi solution?

any idea or rough cost estamate of what the WiFi/Bluetooth cape will sell for?

I would send an email and ask them.


The WiFi Cape is at its final stage. The production release should be happened within this month. The MSRP right now is at $58.95.


In case you are using TL-WN725N v2 there’s another similar thread at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/beagleboard/BMhoiGgYVVs/loWB1q6nV3kJ

This thread is pretty old and I think angstrom was on the old 3.2 kernel at the time superjet got that rtl8188cus device working?
Might want to check out these threads:


Boy it'd be nice if the driver folks were able to respond here with so many people using this chip, but I suspect they're a little busy.

Hello SuperJet,

Have you got the rtl8192cu driver working for the TP-Link WN725N Wi-Fi USB on the Beaglebone Black?

Could you please kind enough to share the procedure on how to achieve this?

Are you using the following link?


Please help. Thank you.