Beaglebone Black 12C Keyboard

Hello, I’m new to Beaglebone. I’m currently working on a project with a custom keyboard. It’s a simple row x column setup running through an I/O extender over I2c. I understand how to connect all of the hardware to the Beaglebone. However, I’m having trouble figuring out how to convert the I2C information into usable input. I can figure out how to do this for a stand alone program but I would really like have my keyboard recognized as a generic keyboard. Is this somthing I’d have to write a custom driver for or is there already a way to do this with the standard Angstrom distribution?

Why not use a Teensy? You can set it to emulate a USB keyboard very easily: plug the Teensy into your Beaglebone and your I2C into the Teensy, and you’re done - no drivers required. They’re nice little boards and very well supported, I’ve used them for a few projects, and others have used them for exactly what you’re describing - check the list of projects.

I use ADP5588ACPZ-R7. There is a driver for it Linux. It will act like a usual keyboard

Thanks. I’ll try the ADP5588. The reason why I don’t want to use Teensy or any other usb solution is that I will most likely be using my project with Beaglebone’s integrated battery charging features. Therefore I wont have USB host. I plan on trying to get usb host working on batteries by connecting a boost regulator from the 3.3v rail to pins 2&3 of U8(which regulates power for usb host) but even still usb host is a bonus and not a requirement for my project.

Hi ,

try tca8418 i2c keyboard from ti. I interfaced in my bbb and working good.