BeagleBone Black (4.4.20 kernel) + RobertCNelsons SGX driver not working?


I´m having troubles trying to put working the 3d acceleration with the SGX driver. I the steps I followed are:

Base system: I’m using the BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-8.4-lxqt-2gb-armhf-2016-04-10-2gb.img.xz firmware with the kernel updated to 4.4.20-bone-rt-r13

With this system glxgears command shows an average of 23 fps. I suppose that the graphics acceleration is not activated.
So I start following the steps of the wiki in

I download the zip file from

It seems that there is no error in the process and I reboot the system… but when I call “lsmod | grep omaplfb”, nothing comes on the screen and glxgears shows like before…

I’m missing a step?

Taking advantage of this thread, another question … My ultimate goal is to run an application with OpenGL ES 2.0. What windowing system you suggest me to manage the graphics context?

Thaks a lot!!!

ome progress:

Following these steps I get that the lsmod command answer me with something.

But I’m no sure if the 3d hardware acceleration is on.

If I lanuch weston the image that I can see is no good…

How can I know if the driver is well installed?

After your first message, what steps did you make to get omaplfb loading?

Ups! I forgot to put the link:

I’m testing some code using freeglut libEGL and libGLESv2, and I can execute the demos without problems… but the frame rate is terrible…


Some tips to see if the sgx driver is well installed?