Beaglebone Black + 4g of ram


What is the likelyhood of seeing a Beagleboard Black with something along the lines of 4GB (or more maybe!) ram or so?

I wouldn’t mind seeing if I can run something like XFCE + Debian and run mostly just things like browsers which eat ram like no tomorrow these days.

Any rumours, comments, thoughts welcome!



The processor will not support 4GB of RAM, so I would say it will not happen…


I regularly use debian with either XFCE or LXDE and iceweasel on boards
and devices with less than 1GB of RAM: 256 MB is borderline unusable
(if you want to use more than a couple of tabs), but 512 MB is already
enough for basic usage and 1GB is a perfectly reasonable amount.

None of these devices are BeagleBones, so YMMV