Beaglebone Black add Fiber Interface (SFP)

I’d like to redesign the BBB to remove the LAN8710A Ethernet PHY and RJ45 connector and replace them with a ethernet phy that supports fiber and a SFP/QSFP connector. Has anyone done something similar or know of a specific PHY chip that would be suitable for this purpose?

Very interested in this also! I did some looking, and cant seem to
find anything that might work... Hopefully others have some thoughts.

I was looking at the Microchip family and considering this part or similar KSZ8041FTL :

Although the footprint is larger than the current PHY on the BBB so I want to find a smaller package, need to investigate more options.

Also, anyone happen to have the BBB RevC files in Altium? I’m currently using the Rev 5B since I don’t have Allegro.

I would think about adding an Ethernet switch chip. Marvell have several that should work.

Hi Andrew

What would the advantage of the switch be over something like the TI DP83630? I have updated the schematics to the latest version in Altium and am currently at the point where I need to select the PHY.