Beaglebone Black and Beagle Bone Black Wireless power up without usb

I’ve designed a custom cape for the BBB and the BBBW, when we apply our 5V power through P9 the board doesnt’ turn on by default. we have to press the power button to get the board to boot.
for our application we cannot have the power button as the interim, we need to have it boot when power is applied.

I did a search of the forums and did not find anything with this specific topic (having to always press the power button after power is applied.). I did find topics about recommending to apply power through the usb port, but that limits the performance.

the BBB and the BBBW both behave this way, although the BBB has a 100k pulllup on the power button, I have not found anything on the BBBw. I did find that the PMIC is integrated into the TI processor on the BBBW vs external components on the BBB.

does anyone have ideas or a workaround suggestion?