Beaglebone Black and BeagleWire shared mem

Hello. We are trying to get arm_blink_leds to work.

We have all the example source code for BBB and BW (fpga).

Anyone made this work? What was your setup? We are using Arachne-pnr, Debian 10.3, yosys 0.8 (I think).

  1. the shell script doesn’t read back the mem write unless I hack the write flag
  2. not sure that any electrical signal over gpmc but the BBB does complain with a bus error if the BW isn’t physically there so…
  3. on the BW side, I think that we’re only seeing write and read signals on start up (which are probably transients on the bus)


One other detail: we are running BBB off of the eMMC and not the SD card. But we could use the SD if necessary