Beaglebone Black and Web Servers?


I am a newbie to the Beaglebone arena and I have some questions dealing with which web server(s) to use.

(i) What is a good web server(s) to use?
(ii) On which Operating System?
(iii) Can Django be installed on the Beaglebone Black?
(iv) If Yes, what would I have to do? E.g. Where to find the install file and instructions?

Note: I have experience programming in both Java and Python; and using the OS Ubuntu and a desktop.


Have answers to some of your questions. See the replies below:

(i) Apache
(ii) Linux (Debian or Ubuntu)

Not sure if Django can be installed on the BBB. Will largely depend upon whether or not Django uses any native C/C++ libraries.

Couldn’t find anything conclusive about Django and the BBB (Beaglebone Black). However I found this blog post on Django and the Raspberry PI. Looking at the blog post it looks as though Django doesn’t use any native C/C++ libraries, which means it can be used on both X86 (eg Linux laptop/desktop) and Arm platforms (eg BBB/Raspberry Pi). Since the Raspberry Pi uses Debian some minor changes might need to be made to install Django when using Ubuntu even though it is based on Debian.

There is already nodejs installed on BBB, you can simply run webserver using it.

(iii) Django can be installed. “apt-get install python-django”