Beaglebone Black & Audio Cape & LCD7 ==> Flashing (HDMI/eMMC disabled by uEnv.txt


Following setup:
Audio Cape
Beaglebone Black A5C
Linux kernel 3.8.13 (Robert Nelson)
Gentoo Linux

In the uEnv.txt I have removed the '#' in front
of the line, which disables eMMC and HDMI.

Booting the Beaglebone Black with the LCD7

Adding the Audio Cape and boot again results
in an crazy flashing LCD right after Tux
appears and the kernel starts.

The compatibilty table on the web (was it at beagleboardtoys?...sorry
cant remember in the moment) it is said, that the Audio Cape
works in case of disabled eMMC and HDMI.

Is there a way to make this combo working?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

Not that it helps any, but I’m also running into this with a similar setup (LCD7 A3 though and the default Angstrom distribution on a BBB A5C as well.

Still investigating - let me know if you’ve found any resolution since you posted this.