Beaglebone Black + Audio codec TLV320AIC3106


Below is the dtb configuration for audio routing,

sound {
compatible = “ti,da830-evm-audio”;
ti,model = “DA830 EVM”;
ti,audio-codec = <&tlv320aic3x>;
ti,mcasp-controller = <&mcasp0>;
ti,codec-clock-rate = <12000000>;
ti,audio-routing =
“Headphone Jack”, “HPLOUT”,
“Headphone Jack”, “HPROUT”,
“Line Out”, “LLOUT”,
“Line Out”, “RLOUT”,
“LINE1L”, “Line In”,
“LINE1R”, “Line In”;

I am able to hear audio on headphone when I play a wav file with aplay. But I also want output onLine out how to achieve the routing?



Something of this nature should work on the command line.

amixer -c sset ‘Left Line Mixer LLOUT’ on # Line out Left enable
amixer -c sset ‘Right Line Mixer RLOUT’ on # Line out Right enable
amixer -c sset ‘Line DAC’ 90 # Adjust Line out volume

This is a guess. But if you want to know more check out this page.'s_Guide