Beaglebone Black backordered everywhere

I placed an order for a BBB a month ago from Digikey. It is still backordered. It seems that almost all of the resellers have no stock on hand-- the only one who is shipping is some vendor on Amazon who is charging a 33% markup. The widespread nature of the shortage makes me think it is a manufacturing bottleneck. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is or when it will be fixed?

As you know, we are shipping thousands of boards and trying to catch up.

Arrow is showing 500 boards in stock. We have people buying boards to go into products, something we cannot plan for. When will that be fixed? I have no idea. We cannot plan for something we don’t know about.


Thank you! I’ve had them backorderd at both Digikey and Newark for weeks now. Arrow have already shipped my order. They still have 436 in stock.

At arrow, I just asked, and they have an old A53 datasheet up, so the guy told me it was a rev A5B. Are the arrow boards A6A?

A6A is all we are shipping.


Hi Gerald,

seeing this huge demand, are you planning to improve your production capacity?


It is not a capacity issue. it is a parts issue. You schedule parts based on demand. We are trying to get parts in faster and are making progress.

We have no plans not to make boards as fast as we can. That would be dumb…