Beaglebone Black, Chipsee and Python

Dear experienced group,

I am looking for control software in Python for a 4.3 inch Chipsee display. I have installed Debian 7.9 LXDE 2015-11-03, that works very well, with the display (the browser works great, touching works, reset button works) and with other I/O control software, from me in Python. For my application I want to control the display via Python. I googled but found not very usefull info. It looks like the manufacturer has provided an old version of the os, but as my current version works well, and I have lost a lot of time with older versions, I am very reluctant to change the Debian version. Even then I see no Python support at all. Is there a more generic solution?
What is the best way to proceed?
Any help greatly appreciated,