Beaglebone Black client usb access, cannot load g_serial

I am a completely uneducated noob for this, but when I type in a modprobe g_serial, I end up getting the following:
ERROR: could not insert 'g_serial': no such device

And of course lsmod doesnt return anything about g_serial.
Modinfo g_serial returns what looks like correct info.

I am using the default version of Angstrom v2012.12
Built from branch angstrom-staging-yoctol.3

I have the 4dcape43t installed, and a keyboard connected to the host usb port and it is working well.
I have nothing currently connected to the client usb port (though that is the eventual point, and it makes no difference i have seen)

I am unable to find much information about this on the web, most likely because i am looking for the wrong thing.
Do i need to bring my angstrom to a more current version? That process is scary enough, i dont want to mess with it
Unless I have to.

Thanks in advance


So, what board is this? Just curious.


It is a beagleboard black version A5C.
Is this the right stuff you are asking about?


Yes. We have four different boards out there and each one has several different revisions. It is always helpful to let the community which board you have so they don’t have to guess.


Ah, okay. I’ll remember that. Thanks.

I am thinking that the g_multi is reserving the usb serial port ttyGS0 for it’s uses. Do I need to disable the network over usb functionality before trying to load the g_serial module?
I still haven’t really figured out how this all fits together yet, as anyone can easily tell… :slight_smile:

Well, i figured out how to get the serial port all to myself:

In the /usr/bin directory there is the script that executes a modprobe g_multi … with a lot of parameters.
By commenting out the modprobe g_multi, and placing a modprobe g_serial and also commenting out the /sbin/ifconfig line, I was able to get the ttyGS0 and not have the login running.
I couldn’t find a good way to just stop the agetty service.
Consequently, it also disables the mass storage driver devices as well.

If anyone has a better method, I would be glad to hear it.