BeagleBone Black dead after wrong mounting to LCD7 cape


I hope you can help me with a problem that I have.

As the title says, I accidentally wrong mounted BBB and LCD7 cape and BBB died.

I turned BBB for 180 degrees and mounted it on headers for beagle. When I power-on LCD7 and nothing happened I knew immediately what I did wrong.
Now, BBB does not respond any more. If BBB is powered by USB nothing happens and if it is powered by 5V DC connector, PWR led blinks with no further response.

In my opinion, the problem is powering BBB trough LCD7 cape that was in wrong header and pins.

I checked the BBB schematic and the LCD7 schematic and I noticed that LCD7 cape powered BBB by P9 header pins 3-8. In my case (when BBB turned for 180 degrees ) those pins are connected to P8 header pins 39-44 (which are LCD_DATA2 to LCD_DATA 7 pins).

Now I wonder if anything can be done to repair my BBB? Or it is truly died?

Thanks for your help,

Try the RMA process and see. No way to determine the damage and whether or not it can be fixed without looking at it…