Beaglebone Black Debian - ssh via USB hangs after one minute of comm

On Beaglebone Black rev C Debian, I can always start a ssh session and log in. I can enter a few commands, everything is fine. After about one minute of elapsed time, the ssh drops communication. Could even be in the middle of typing a new command.

100% repeatable (unfortunately). Get in every time and works for a minute, every time. Then hang. I have to reboot to cycle this scenario again.

Additional info. I can serial TTY over the same USB connection at any time, for as long as I want, even after the ssh hangs. So the hang is local to the ssh connection - not the entire board or Linux itself. Also, the same USB still has active file sharing with the PC at all times, so it’s not the USB in general.

Thanks for any insight…

Which OS is the host system using ? On Windows 7 for me, I have the same issue using NDIS (RNDIS), but when I switch to ethernet, the problem no longer exists. So, I doubt this is a ssh problem.

I think it is more likely a problem specific to a select few USB implementations on the host side ( hardware, or software ).

One thing I did not consider is that I was using a USB 3.0 port which may / may not be supported well. But I honestly do not have a clue what the problem is.


It was due to my installing network-manager while trying to get my Wifi to be recognized. I found a Web reference that said there was some config file contamination with ssh and after installing network-manager. I didn’t believe it, but what the heck?

I ran

apt-get -remove --purge network-manager

…let it finish.

ssh is back working like a charm.

I can’t say know the exact contamination (no before/after comparison), or how the -remove returned the config to normal, but it resolved the problem.

William → not not sure you have the same problem cause as mine, but this is worth a short. I was running Win7Pro on the host. I was using the USB2.0 port.


Please check my response…

Well, I built my own custom kernel, and used Robert Nelsons instructions and minimal rootfs back then. I am pretty sure there was no network-manager. I was using Win 7 enterprise back then, now I am using Win7 ultimate. Both are / were x64.