Beaglebone Black dies occasionally

Hello guys,

I have a very weird behaviour on some of my beaglebone blacks. Heres what I am doing:
I have a Beaglebone Black with an LCD Display (gen4-4DCAPE-50T), a custom Cape board with Can-Transceiver and some other simple IOs. I communicate with some CAN-Devices and interact with my QT application with the device. I built the image from the Beaglebone Debian 10 IoT flasher.

The devices operated fine for a while but at some point, some devices started “dieing”. Meaning they freeze during bootup, the Heartbeat LED doesn’t even blink anymore and I have no way of finding out what is causing the problem. Other devices worked fine for a long time…

If a flash the devices again, they start working for some time, but they eventually die at some point again.

Do you have any ideas on how to investigate in this issue? How could I figure out what is causing this behaviour if I cannot connect to it via USB or SSH. How could I prevent the devices from dieing?

Any help or suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

I would monitor the debug port and see what is going on.

  1. Might be a massive memory leak. If that is the case fix your code.
    2.Thermal issue with the board, toss it out and buy a new one. Boards from G&H are doing very well.
  2. Not sure what graphics package you are using but make sure you are cleaning things up properly.
  3. Get a good lab grade power supply

you shouldn’t have to ‘reflash’ to get it working, normally a simple reboot should bring it back up… i know with a lcd cape, the j1 header is hard to get at, can you bend and run the usb-serial adapter connector under the lcd cape to watch what is happening over serial?

i’ve also used un-soldered headers to lift the lcd another 1/4 inch to get more space for the debug header…