Beaglebone black does not boot

Hello all,

Right now I have a beaglebone black (A6), which has been used for 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately, it stopped booting this week. Some days ago it did not boot, but after resupplying power it it did. Now the BBB does not boot at all.
-USR0-USR3 never lit
-PWR LED lits
-LDO pin 3 (out) = 3.3V
-PGOOD = 1.8V
-Serial debug port shows nothing

Does anyone have hints on which signals to measure? Or is the processor / memory bricked?



Signals look fine. Memory cannot be bricked if you follow the instructions for reflashing the eMMC…


I cannot reflash the eMMc. This particular BBBB (BBB brick) does not even boot from a SD card, although another BBB boots perfectly from the same SD card.

Then it sounds to me like you may have damaged the SD card connector.


Perhaps a silly question but you are holding down the boot button to force it to boot to the SD card?

@gerald. Does the debug port show really nothing then? I mean: I already do not expect the eMMC to be bricked after only 2 weeks of usage with a read-only boot partition and rootfs. I use other BBBs with the same SW already since oktober 2013.

@Rusty: Yes i did

I would carefully check the pins of the SD card reader are all attached. I had an issue with no SD cards booting and found the SD card reader broke off.