beaglebone black does not show up as USB drive on my OS X

Hi All,

I have been having a frustrating problem: When I plug the beaglebone black into my USB port, it no longer shows up as a connected hard drive.

I have downloaded and installed the updated version of Angstrom. I have installed the network and serial drivers. I have rebooted both my computer and beaglebone multiple times, still to no avail.

What is odd, is that it has worked before, with the only difference between when it does work and it does not, is that I have shut down the board for the night.

Does anyone know of a way to troubleshoot these things? The beaglebone does appear to be working when it is connected to the USB, it just does not show up as a connected drive and is not reachable via, or

thank you for any insight you can give me.


The easiest way, is just to grab a usb-serial adapter and find out why.


I figured it out… my USB cable was going bad. Who would have thunk!