Beaglebone black doesn´t start (only power led is on)


After trying to boot with the power suply by USB, my beaglebone board doesn´t lit any led, only the power led. I already tried press the reset button for a few seconds and nothing work.
Any idea of how to fix it?

Try here:



Hello everyone,

I have the same problem . I bought a BBB and tested it: at start up, the USERS leds blinks. I have followed the instructions in the site Beagleboard:Updating The Software -

I unplagged the power supply and I keep pressed the S2 button (boot) (at least 1 minute), I Applied the power to the board by plugging in the cable (external power supply 5 V, 3 A). Only power led is on.

When I pressed the power button for at least 8 seconds, the power led is turned off then after 3-4 seconds it is turned on.

Could you please help me

Follow this tutorial: works great for me

Other informations:

f the boot switch (S2) is held down during power-up, the ROM will boot from the SPI0 Interface first, followed by MMC0 (external uSD), USB0 and UART0. This allows the BeagleBone Black to bypass the onboard eMMC and boot from the removable uSD (provided no valid boot device is found on SPI0.) This can be used to recover from a corrupted onboard eMMC/U-Boot.

What did you do to fix it?