BeagleBone Black doesn't boot from microSD card

I’m having the same issue as well with an SD card formatted to boot Android. The card looks correct, fdisk shows the boot partition is flagged as bootable.

I was able to boot and update the device to the latest using the instructions online, but so far that is the only way I have been able to use the SD card slot to boot.

The behavior is that two of the 4 blue lights come on and then it just locks up and stops.

If I hold down button S2 while it boots, nothing happens. The power LED comes on and that’s it.

By any chance you are able to fix this problem I am facing exactly same problem. Thanks

I know I’m replying to an old thread but I had the same problem but found something others might have been overlooking. I spent a lot of time thinking that I screwed something up in my boot sequence because I never could get the beaglebone to load from the microsd. I tried multiple OSes and messing with the uEnv file and still couldn’t get it to work. I finally realized that somehow one of the connector pins on the beaglebone’s microsd port was slightly off of the microsd. This must have caused the beaglebone to think there was no microsd and it just loaded what was in the emmc.

That’s exactly the problem I had too–I tried booting from an SD card but it didn’t work. When I tried with another card, as I inserted the card the micro SD reader snapped off on the board on the left side. Here’s a thread I made about it and another recent thread with the same issue. I think a recent batch of boards probably had a cold spot in the oven and the SD card reader might not have soldered correctly. Luckily I was just able to touch up the bad joints with a soldering iron and it boots off an SD card without problems. Be warned though if you have SD card issues, the reader solder joints might be bad.