BeagleBone Black doesn't boot from microSD card

Hey guys

I looked through all my uSD cards and found a no name 16GB SDHC formatted for an android phone. without formatting it (just deleted all files) i burned this image and could not get it to boot from sd. I know that this is not one of Roberts images but it is his kernel. What i did to get the card to boot was to use SDFormatter to format it, with the options set to FULL(Erase) and format size adjustment set to ON. Reflashed image and it is working like a charm. It is a bit slow to boot since the card is class 2 but it does work. Also please note that this was done on Win 7 (didn’t feel like swapping drives in my laptop) and i used 7zip to extract the image and win32diskimager to flash it to the card. I do think that it does have to do with the generic cards since i tried it with several SanDisks and they worked without a hitch.