BeagleBone Black doesn't boot up from eMMC

Hello everyone,

I have been using my BBB without any problem for quite a long time. But, suddenly the BBB stopped booting up from eMMC. When I connect the board via USB, the power LED lits, and all the 4 user leds turns on for a few seconds and goes off, except the LED_0, it is doing its heartbeat pattern.

When I inserted a newly flashed SD card into its slot, and powered up, it is turning on and booting up as usual. But, when I tried to flash the SD card image into the eMMC by holding the boot-button during start up, only the power LED turns on for 3 seconds and goes off, and nothing happens thereafter. What could be the possible reason? How would I fix it?

Have you used a flash-img (like this: by your test where you push the s2 button? It only works with a IMG that’s designed for this.

You can read the script of derek molloy. He explain all the things very easy an helpfully. (Thanks Derek :slight_smile: )