BeagleBone Black doesn't sometimes start. Only Power LED is on.

Hi guys,

we have a problem with our Beagle Bone Black (A5C). We are using Ubuntu Raring 13.04 armhf v3.8.13-bone21 (2013-06-14) on the eMMC (no SD Card). The Beagle Bone is placed in a case and we have connected it to a DC power supply. Sometimes (I would say every 5 to 10 times), when we are plugging in our power supply, the BeagleBone powers on (Power LED is on), but nothing more happens (none of the other four LEDs is on). If we are now removing the power supply and putting it in again, the BBB starts normally. I guess the power supply is strong enough: 5A@5V.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Read the reply I sent to your first email.