BeagleBone Black: Ethernet transmits packets but does not receive them

Hmmm - all of my boards have come via Farnell.

Perhaps it’s not worth me getting another one to try after all?

many4tunetellers, did you realise you posted 3 times?

Why not send one boards in under RMA and let us look at it.? If it works here, that can send us in a the right direction.


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

RMA request sent. I may be able to get it in the post today.
Thanks Gerald.

Wait to hear back from the RMA folks before you ship the board.


Sorry about that I had no indication the the first 2 had been sent unil I moved to google groups.


My RMA authorisation came through this morning - it seems my request went into spam and has just been found fortunately.

I’m shipping one of my three boards to Texas for investigation - not sure how long it will take from the UK.
Fingers crossed they find something useful to all of us with the problem.