BeagleBone Black: Ethernet transmits packets but does not receive them

I have got the BBB ethernet working now. I cancelled the automatic login and selected my location to the UK.

After a reboot on the the login screen the bottom taskbar displayed GMT time and todays date.

The BBB switches off the HDMI output before the login screen and a keypress turns it back on.
Powering BBB up is a bit of a hit and miss affair. the power light just flickers and stays off so I have to disconnect something, ie HDMI lead, USB hub (powered one) or ethernet the reapply power. The PSU is a 5v 10w on and its not flaky.
Some apps like GIMP and ABIWord disconnects my mouse and the BBB freezes.

Mark, how does this relate to the Ethernet problem described above?

It sounds as if you have posted to the wrong thread 8-p

My ethernet proplem was the same as others described and I just listed a few issues I found as well

So far, the problem for me has been reproduce-able every time, on both Ubuntu and Angstrom images, by running:
“ifconfig eth0 down”
“ifconfig eth0 up”

This should take down the interface and then bring it back up, it is the same thing that essentially happens when reconfiguring network settings. However after it is brought back up, it no longer can obtain a DHCP address and does not work with a static IP either. I do not think this is a hardware problem as it has been reproduces on 3 different BBB A5A boards. After a restart, it works OK.
I am hoping to use the BBB as a base for a commercial product whose Ethernet connection will need to be reconfigured in the field sometime without a restart, so just booting it up with a cable attached every time is not a realistic solution.

Gerald, if you really think it is still a hardware problem, I could RMA one of the boards.