BeagleBone Black + external HD

Hy guys,

BeagleBone Black will work with 1TB Samsung external HD in its usb?


See my earlier response.

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ive used a 1tb Samsung on the bbb. laptop drive however. i think you will be able to plug any ext drive to the bbb but it will need to be powered externally as the draw on the bus will be to high.


You´ll solve your problem reeading about power supply at BBB.

For external usb (like hdd) your power supply shall be 5v (2A)

“The currently recommended supply current is at least 1.2A (or 6W), but at least 2A (or 10W) is recommended if you are going to connect up anything over the USB.”

even with a 2a external power supply you MUST use an external powered drive.

Power mine off USB only and external HDD, ethernet, and serial debug cable all at once. Like wulf says, you HAVE to use an external hdd that is self powered. You can not power a HDD off of the BBB’s USB port . . . .period.