BeagleBone Black Hangs with 4 LEDs on every flasher image attempt. (Logs in post)

I’m having an issue flashing a BBB with a flasher image. All LEDs instantly flash solid. I took a capture of the boot log here: and my uenv.txt file it references:

The latest image I’m trying is from here:
Debian 8.1 LXQT-4GB 2015-08-09

I’ve tried three different images now, all hang at the same point. 4 Solid LEDs halting at:

  1. Running uenvcmd …

The MD5’s of each image were checked.
Yes I’m holding the boot button.
No, I really don’t think the board needs an RMA

Any help or guidance would be appreciated

Which board revision do you have? How are you powering the board? dc
or usb? do you have any capes installed?

Please also share the serial log from "Debian 8.1 LXQT-4GB 2015-08-09"
when you test that.