BeagleBone Black has 4 LEDs flashing at the same time every time I try and flash the eMMC. Help!

I have a flasher image of Debian (7.9) and have it the BBB hooked up to a 5V 2A power supply and nothing else. I hold the boot button down with the Scan Disc Card inserted and wait for the four blue LED’s to light at the same time. I release and it looks like it loads Ten minutes later all four lights are flashing at the same time and it will not boot …once again What in the Hell am I doing wrong? Flashing this damn thing is infuriating. Can someone help?


Which revision of the Beagle Bone Black are you currently trying to flash?

and what's the name of the file your are flashing with?


It’s a Rev B version

Thank you


Okay, so the Rev B is only 2GB, can we assume you've been flashing an
image with the word "2GB" in it, or did you try to flash a "4GB"


That was it… Yeah It’s on me thanks!