BeagleBone Black: IPMI Cape


I’ve just realized that I would like to have something like IPMI cape for BeagleBone Black. At least, to export BBB TTL console to Ethernet.
WizNet serial-to-ethernet chip could be used in conjunction with Davicom DM8203 three-port fast ethernet switch chip.
Then I could have single one Ethernet uplink line for both BBB and Cape and the cape and BBB could be connected with patch-cord (ugly, but still).

Does anybody know whether there is already what I describe?
Unfortunately, I am not a hardware expert and If you know particular components which are cheaper/better than mentioned ones then please tell.

However, there are still things that I don’t know how to implement yet: resetting BBB, switching boot order, emulating eMMC (not sure, that it is really needed), configuring VLANs on Ethernet switch (it would be great if BBB uplink and control uplink were in different VLANs), could the cape be powered by PoE and supply power to BBB, etc…