Beaglebone Black is Corrupted ?

good morning, community,

I am new with the Beaglebone Black rev C, the board started to be slow or blocked even using a terminal (shell), after that I try to reboot but it appear on the screen of my monitor just 15 or more lines about that it does not recognize ports, GPIO, Hdmi, and not boot, or not enter to the debian distro.
The led 0 (USR0) remain blinking with the led 2 (USR2) while the screen seems to be paralized on those errors.

On the web there is not reference.

another thing, I try to recovery of my data and codes that I did on the Emmc, but the procedure does not work, not read the uSD, and when I push the S2 (chage boot), the leds do not Blink. ???

Someone knows what happen with the Board, or How I can save the data first, and how I get it back.???

In this moment, I can not do anything with the board.

I appreciate your help.