BeagleBone Black JTAG query?

The CircuitCo Wiki shows a 6 way header on the BBB annotated as a ‘Debug Serial Header’. Do these pins bring out JTAG_TMS, JTAG_TDI and friends? I’m trying to establish if the BBB can be flashed/debugged using a Segger ARM JLINK probe. Any clues much appreciated.


JTAG header is on the back of the board, not installed. The debug header you mention is a serial connection.

Clues can be found in the documetation located at



Thanks for the quick reply, that does explain a lot.

I’ve got the schematic, but no boards yet so unable to see beneath. Cannot see Gerbers properly either. Are these brought out on standard pitch 10/20 way pads?


There are pictures of the board in the System Reference Manual.


Got it. Thanks.

So…where can one pick up the 20 pin header that can be soldered to the board?

Is the JTAG ready to go out of the box after the header is applied? (no resistor removal or trace cutting)

What is the pinout for the header?

Also, can you possibly point out some good resources for attaching the jtag to the processor on the BBB? I am looking for examples of hooking up jtga(amontec | olimex) ------> openocd --------> am355x.

Sorry for the slew of drive by questions, I just want/need to understand how to start doing some bare bones development on the “Beagle Bone Black”.
I did the very same thing on the Raspberry Pi and am trying to duplicate these efforts on the BBB.
The processor on the BBB has much more functionality and the TI documentation is much much much larger than that of the Broadcom processor on the Pi.

Connector is made by Sullins. Part number is GRPB102VWVN-RC.

Try Digikey. They are distributors for Sullins.

Just solder it on. As you can see from the schematic, no resistors are needed.

Connector Pinout is on the schematic page 3. Feel free to look it over. You can get it from this location:


As long as the JTAG supplier says the support the processor, it should work fine.



Almost. Hold on for an updated part number.


Samtec FTR-110-03-G-D-06