Beaglebone Black: Latest Linux kernel that supports the LCD interface

I am trying to use a recent Linux kernel on a custom board using the AM335x CPU and that has a similar LCD interface to the Beaglebone. We need a fairly recent kernel due to some bugs in the 3.12.10 kernels and before. We need to use the da8xx-fb.c framebuffer driver for interface to the LCD. This works fine with kernel 3.12.10, but with the latest 3.17.3 vanilla kernel it does not work, Looking at the source it appears to have an older form of the da8xx-fb.c driver.
The da8xx-fb.c in 3.12.10 supported device tree configuration but the one in 3.17.3 (and 3.14.25) does not seem to.
Does anyone know if there is a different LCD framebuffer driver that should be used in the later kernels or are the later kernels da8xx-fb drivers not up to date ?
What is the best git tree at the moment for TI-AM335x Linux kernels ?