BeagleBone Black & LCD7 & touchscreen jumping effect ....


I would like to know if some people have notice some issue with the touchscreen ?

I noticed, that when i put my finger in the touchscreen, the cursor jump to an another place than where my finger is : google + link video

I’m using the BeagleBone Black and the LCD 7.



Ok, It’s the same bug as this one :


I have this jitter/jumping effect on the BeagleBone Black and the LCD7, Looks like that it is a software issue :

Someone said : " Just downloaded the TI Android 4.2.2 release, which works for the LCD4 so should work for the 4DCAPE-43T also.
No touch issues. Installed a few drawing apps and it performs nicely. "

Do you know if you have a more recent image that is working correctly ? I’m working with bone30 .