beaglebone-black-make-microSD-flasher-from-eMMC set sd partition size

It seems that when running (am33x-v3.8) that it utilized the entire SD card size when creating image. Is there a convenient way to limit the size of partitions to smaller size (say 4GB) as opposed to entire SD card.

This is no biggie but was wondering.


A user did merge in a conf_rootfs_partition_size variable…

    LC_ALL=C sfdisk ${sfdisk_options} "${destination}" <<-__EOF__

So you could specify conf_rootfs_partition_size in /boot/


Thanks, I assume this is with a much newer image as I don’t see any

I will check if apt-get update works or not, thanks

This is a git repo under /opt/scripts/

Careful, do not do a full git pull… there are a lot of things in there for newer Distro’s and has not been tested on 3.8.x