I try to backup and restore a BBB with this:

my steps:
booting from eMMC
insert a uSD card
made a git pull in /opt/scripts
then I start /opt/scripts/tools/eMMC/

The log is here … unfortunately putty don´t puffer all lines … so it miss the beginning:

Then I take out the uSD, put in the new BBB, hold the S2 Button and power up.
The log is this:

Did anyone see the problem?

I guess the Backup was not ok, right? But how to fix?

Thank you!

Umm go re-read my last reply to you…

Ah you replaced bash with dash… Unsupported…

Hi Robert,

I mean your Last answer was:

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If the /opt/scripts/ directory exists you can use a script under that..

cd /opt/scripts/
git pull
cd ./tools/eMMC/

sudo ./
- zitierten Text einblenden -

And what did you mean with replace bash with dash?

Thank you