beaglebone black metal detector

hi i am trying to build a special type of metal detector called a constant current metal detector. i need to use 7 gpio’s to and turn some on transistors and some off in a repeating pattern. i will show a table at the bottom to make things more easier understand what iam trying to do each of the 7 gpio’s are responsible for turning on transistor or turning it off switch s57,s58,s59,s60,s61,s62,s63 to s64 are each equivalent to one gpio all the logic states are repeated after the whole cycle has finished. as i see it i can look at it this way if i chose s57 which was gpio60 i would have to put a if statement so it would not just turn the gpio60 on again before the first iteration had finished

S57 S58 S59 S60 S61 S62 S63 S64

on off off on n/a on n/a off

on off off on n/a off n/a on

off on on off on n/a off n/a

off on on off off n/a on n/a .

off off on on on on off off

off off on on on off off on

off off on on off on on off

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please take a look of for Dark Emperaor marble.

OK…and what is your question?