Beaglebone Black - no mass storage drive appearing


i’m trying to connect my a BBB Rev A5B to a PC via USB, following the instructions at the page
When i plug the USB cable to the PC, the PWR led is lit steadily, USR0 blink at a heartbeat pattern, USR1 is OFF, USR2 and USR3 blink randomly. On the PC i can’t see any USB mass storage devices, neither i see any new peripherals on device manager. Same story for the local web server, it’s not working.
I’ve tried with Windows 8 64bit and Linux Mint 14 on a desktop PC and on a notebook with Windows 7.
Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you

Best regards

Check here under the FAQs on the support Wiki.


Update: reflashing the board with the latest version of Angstrom solved the issue.