Beaglebone Black Not Booting from eMMC After Power Loss during Shutdown Procedure

Hi everyone,

I was running Debian v9.5 on my BBB Rev C. When I used the desktop shutdown button, the screen went blank with a blinking cursor at the top left corner. It did this for a while, so I decided to pull the plug, instead of waiting for it to normally shutdown (bad move, I know). When I re-applied power I got the power LED to light, however, none of the USR lights come on. It seems as though I corrupted either the eMMC or the EEPROM, but I’m not sure. I tried booting to a micro SD card, which works. I then flashed the image onto the eMMC, hoping to fix the issue. Again, same problem with attempting to boot from the eMMC (no USR LED’s and a completely dead board). The BBB also doesn’t appear on my PC as a storage device anymore.

Is there anyway to fix/reverse this or did I trash my board? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What do you see for serial debug messages over the J1 debug connector?