BeagleBone Black object detection API

For a project of mine, I am working on Beagle Bone Black(BBB), my objective is to detect fire from video. I tried installing tensor flow. But neither the normal installation nor installing the pre-compiled binary gave positive results. It gives an error saying, 'is not a supported wheel on this platform'. Does BBB support tensorflow? If yes, Could you please help with this issue?
If not, can you suggest an object detection API which is supported by BBB?
Thanks in advance.

Where are you obtaining the packages you are trying to install...

  The current packages at confusingly
state "64-bit systems" but then go on to list Raspbian (which is still a
32-bit Debian variant). [NOTE: I'm having difficulty navigating that site
-- it seems that Firefox does not like something in their CSS or related so
some text is corrupted].

  I focus on the Raspbian option as that is the closest to the BBB. You
may need to follow and
discover what needs to change in the build procedure/code to fit the BBB.

  Alternatively, you may need
following the Linux (and macOS) instructions.

  TensorFlow does not appear to be a "pure Python" package, and relies
upon compiled (C/C++) extension libraries. Any Linux "pre-built" package is
likely built for 64-bit Intel/AMD architectures and will never run on a
BBB. Downloading -- if possible -- the R-Pi "wheel" file MIGHT allow it to
install on BBB if explicitly naming the downloaded file (rather than having
pip look for a compatible download).

debian@beaglebone:~$ pip3 install --upgrade tensorflow
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement tensorflow
(from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for tensorflow