BeagleBone Black, OpenCV and VIDIOC_QUERYMENU error

Hi everybody!

I’m using a cross-compilation (host: Ubuntu 14.04, OpenCV 2.4.11, Qt 4.8) to execute some code on my BBB (Angstrom, OpenCV 2.4.2, Qt 4.8)

Everything is just fine, my programs run on my host machine and on the BBB. I must now plug a webcam (a cheap Logitech one) and take a single picture before exiting.
The code is very basic, the picture is well token on Ubuntu. However, on the BBB, I get several

VIDIOC_QUERYMENU: Invalid argument

and a little

select timeout


The program still run without freezing, the webcam’s LED lights up but the saved picture is, despite a good format (640 x 480 as expected), all black.

I must add: when I use Cheese Webcam Booth on the BBB, the webcam is working well!

Any idea?