BeagleBone Black P8 & P9 physical location on board

I’m using the BeagleBone Black as the backbone of a graphical display exercise equipment design. I’m designing an interface board to interface with the peripherals of my design; the lcd display, exercise equipment…

I’d like to make my interface board plug directly into the P8 and P9 connectors much like the ready-made breadboard found here:

My problem is that I can not find the relative location of those connectors on the board. Does anyone know of such a drawing or the location of the P8 and P9 connectors?


Look in the System Reference Manual. Section 8.7.


It's in the system reference manual (SRM):

See Chapter 7 "Cape Board Support", specifically section 7.6.1 "Standard
Cape Size".

You can also find libraries for common design tools like Eagle and KiCad
with PCB layouts (board outline and connectors) already done for you.


Thanks Guys!

both the sparkfun and adafruit libraries for eagle have a beaglebone
cape as part in the library. due to issues of orientation I find the
sparkfun library part easier to use in the free version of eagle but
that's just preference.