BeagleBone Black peripherals

Hi, I would like to know where I can find BBB compatible peripherals such as USB wifi, USB HUB, touch screen or TFT monitor (4" - 7"), external power and keyboard and mouse.

Here is the official list of accessories that have been verified to work with the BeagleBone Black:

For USB Wifi see this link:

And here is another list with more information:

Roland Groeneveld

Just to clarify, there’s nothing beaglebone specific about the usb peripheral compatibility. It’s just a standard usb port connected to a linux computer (the beaglebone). If the device works or not depends on if your distribution has drivers for it or if you can find drivers that you can compile for your version of the kernel. The lists Roland provided are for what’s supported or can be easily supported by Angstrom (what comes on the beaglebone). If you install a more mainstream distribution like debian, you’ll be compatible with, probably, thousands of usb devices.