Beaglebone black presentation

Dear Jason, Gerald,

As an R&D engineer I am working for the leading highspeed internet company and following the BeagleBone from its inception in summer of 2008 …
I have been asked by our associated microcontroller club to give a lecture (or series) about the latest 4GB BeagleBone Black (BBB+) and wondering if you could
provide me with the latest PPT slides about the AM3358/3359, system architecture of the BeagleBone board, its eco-system and also detailed material about the
embedded Linux OS (Debian, Angstrom flavors, …), setting up QT on BBB and the future roadmap … (as far is possible).

Is it possible to provide us this material by updating the linked shared with the Beagleboard community ? (

Thank you very much !

Have a nice day …