Beaglebone Black price

TI online store has already a page for BB Black with price of $45 and
release date of 23 Apr 2013. Are the price and date correct?


They will be selling it at that price on that date. .



I assume after 4/23 the price would change, any idea what it would be ?



Are you expecting it to be higher?


No, why I asked was, since you said “at that price on that date” it sounded more like an introductory offer. I’d like it to be at $45 or lower.

Then you will be happy.


Special Computing is showing a price of $39 for a pared down BBB kit (no USB cable, blank eMMC storage, no microSD, no warranty). It says rev A5A though - don’t know if it’s supposed to be A5B (or if there’s any difference).

That is correct. It is open source just as it says.

It is priced so low because it cost less than the price to build. We build in 100,000 piece quantities and we buy from high volume distributors.


Does this mean the gag order is now void for everyone outside TI?

Bill Mar
Special Computing

I assume so. It is all over the place.