Beaglebone Black, problems with powered USB hub Logilink UA0026A (7 ports)


I recently bought a Logilink UA0026A 7 port powered USB hub.

The problem: the hub works fine when its power adapter is not connected to the socket, but it will no longer work at all if powered (if power adapter plugged in to the AC socket).

Any hints on what may cause this? I have read that some people cut some red wires to make it work. Could anyone please shed some light on this?


Done. Solved the problem. I just opened it up and cut the red wire going in the cable connecting to the Beaglebone Black. Now it works when even when plugged in.

Heh, that is kind of silly isn’t it ? A powered hub trying to power the host too.

Thanks for posting your fix, I’m sure it will come in handy for others too.