BeagleBone Black PRUs & Matlab

Hi, I’m an engineering student and for my final project I’m working with sensor fusion and computer vision algorithms for pose estimation. I would like to use the PRUs on my BeagleBone Black for the sensor fusion part, given the strict realtime requirements of my application but I find it to be an enormous effort to develop the algorithm using assembly or even c. I need to implement i2c protocol, pwm modulation and of course all the math routines necessary to work with matrices. My only option right now is to use another board (STM32F4 Discovery) but I would love to be able to condense everything on the BeagleBone because it would be much more efficient and simply elegant. Is there any way to access the PRUs with Matlab/Simulink? The documentation I found is pretty experimental and it would be a standalone project only to create the basic blocks for my application.