BeagleBone Black QT GUI Application

is it possible to run QT GUI Application on Beaglebone Black with HDMI Output?

i try the QT GUI Example ,No Output in the Monitor .but i try hello world in the terminal its show hello world but i try GUI application example like Buttons ,not shown any Output.

Any Help?

is there a node?

Yes i have it.

when i use the command “pkill gdm” then run my application , its running. but Mouse operation nill. how can i run the button like graphic application without using the command pkill gdm

any idea ??

Disable gdm at all

I have the same issue as “MCU Solution” in My BBB (just HDMI-out to Monitor, no LCD/touchseen).
I used “systemctl disable gdm.service” and execute “./myQt -qws”.
And then I can see my Qt but mouse can’t be worked/moved.
Anybody can help me ?

lisarden於 2013年10月13日星期日UTC+8上午10時46分45秒寫道:

you can also use google sometimes :wink:

Thanks lisarden.

I fixed this issue by the following commands.
export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO=linuxinput:/dev/input/event1

lisarden於 2013年11月5日星期二UTC+8下午10時44分08秒寫道:

hey the link
is broken can u please tell what you did…
Thanks in advance

You cannot have two windowing systems running at the same time, they interfere with each other.