beaglebone black read i2c.

Hello good day community.

I’m logged in beaglebone black and hope you can help me.

would like to read the address 0x70 arduino and processing the data in beagblebone black.
I hope you can help me.



Which connection?
Why 0x70 arduino?

You should have the Adafruit BBIO python library already installed. You can follow this tutorial:
One of the sections there shows you how to access I2C.

…and there’s no real need for the Adafruit library if you’re just using I2C.

Install the python smbus module (which the adafriut library uses anyway - i think), and start writing python code.

import smbus as smbus #I2C support

Python_SMBus-I2C_Example.pdf (145 KB)

Hello good day

what I’m doing with arduino is to simulate a sensor that is in x direction in my case I put 0x04 or 0x70.

what I want is to read BEAGLEBONE is 0x04 or 0x70 that direction.

and process this data with any mathematical function.

I hope they can give me an example of how to take these values ​​using i2c addresses.

Thanks for your time.
Ruben C.