Beaglebone black rebooting unnecessarily

Hi, i have beaglebone black running jellybean OS and it has chipsee 7’’ LCD touch display as gui. After using the board for long period of time i am facing weird issue that the OS reboots by itself. I am taking out UART pins and connecting external microcontroller. This rebooting problem is not at all solved even after flashing OS many a times onto the SDCard. Please suggest some solutions.

Well, I suggest you put the factory image back on the board and see if there is a HW issue of some kind. Without the Chipsee display of course.


What are you using to power the board ? Also, what do your logs say ? Details, details . . .

While, mine is running Debian and doesn’t have anything added to it (besides a USB HUB). My does reboot randomly while on DC Port power.

If you’re using the DC Port to power it. Try using the Debug USB Port as a power source. The BBB does run on it and seems to run fine (so far 9 days uptime).