BeagleBone Black Rev C doesn't boot from SD with the rs232 Rev A1 Cape installed.

I had purchased a number of RS232 capes ( Rev A1) before the Rev B came out, I also have BBB’s rev A6A, B, and C.
I’m needing to boot from the SD card, I’ve installed Angstrom on the SD card and everything works well except when I go upto Rev C on the BBB. The BBB refuses to boot from the SD card only when the cape is installed.
On the A6A and B with the cape installed everything works as expected, and if I remove the cape it boots from the SD on Rev C.

I have been unable to get my hands on the new revision of the cape (sold out). My only thought is the eeprom is not addressing the BBB properly and somehow making it ignore the SD card.

So my question is actually two:
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
and does anyone have the new cape and would be willing to send me a hex dump of the eeprom?


Are you seeing the same issue if you use a Debian boot SD card? Are you able to see any serial output?

The new RS-232 Cape (rev B) does not have any EEPROM on it.